Lėlių teatras "Aitvaras"

Puppet theater "Aitvaras"



The history of Alytus Puppet Theatre started in 1985, when an artist Loreta Stirbyte Skruibiene and Alytus Municipality Culture Department initiated the studio of puppet theatre in the basement of Razanauskas(now Ziburio) street.
In 1988 the first play "The Shephardess and the Chimney Sweep" on the basis of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale was staged.
Alytus Puppet Theatre"Aitvaras" was established in autumn, 1996, starting its first season with the play on the basis of Hofman's fairy tale „The Golden Pot".
In 2003 Alytus Municipality provided the theatre with the place for rehearsals in the building of Alytus Theatre. It was named „Puppet Room" by the actors. All the puppets from the plays found their place on the walls there ( this way the museum was established), the plays are shown and the theatre events also take place in this room.
Since that time 32 puppet plays, including 2 for adults, have been created .
Since 2003 several regional educational programs for children have been created: „My Dream Fairy Tale", „Let's help children create" for drama and puppet theatre teachers at school, the program for theatre plays dissemination within the region „Puppet Theatre for Children" and the puppet creation occupational activities „Puppet Master's Workshop".
Since 1999 the international puppet theatre festival-contest „Aitvaras" has been organized.
In 2003 the theatre initiators established Puppet Room, which has 80 seats as well as the puppet museum.
In 2005 the Ministry of Culture gave the theatre the status of professional theatre and since then „Aitvaras" has become the only professional puppet theatre in Southern Lithuania.
In 2008 the theatre was awarded Alytus culture premium.
In 2003 – 2009 the theatre was awarded in various theatre festivals for the best plays, the best actor roles and the best work of the artist.
The theatre is the member of Lithuanian Puppet Masters Association UNIMA.
The Director of the theatre
Loreta Skruibiene